Mar 032016

I was approached by local artist Russell Haines earlier this year to collaborate with him on a community project called Our Life.

It’s a 12 month project celebrating people who do good things in the community, the unsung, overlooked ordinary acts of kindness that happen across the city every day.  Each month for a year, Russell is going to do a portrait of someone and I’m going to tell their story.

The portraits and the stories will be displayed in 4 areas of the city , The Quays, Eastgate Shopping Centre, Gloucester Train Station, Roots Café and Gloucester Services – one per venue.  Each month the portrait will move to the next venue and a new one take its place.

A panel of 4 people made up of Rev Ruth Fitter, (St Pauls and St Stephens) Imam Hassan, (Rycroft St Mosque) Nick Gazzard, (Holly Gazzard Trust) and the Mayor Of Gloucester will decide each month who will feature.

The aim is to get a big conversation going on social media, local radio, TV and newspapers about the good that is done in the city and encourage people to nominate who they think deserves recognition.

James Garrod from The National Star College will be coordinating the project.

So, if you would like to nominate someone, please email or tweet your nomination to @ourlifeglos.

The first painting and story will be on my website on the launch date, which is on Tuesday 29 March at Eastgate Shopping Centre at 6pm.

The first nomination is Delroy Ellis from the charity Increase the Peace.


Jul 242013

The characters in my book, City of Secrets, drink plenty of weak ale, local cider made from the Longney Russet apple and eat a variety of medieval food from roasted lark to frumenty to cheese made from the milk of Gloucester Cattle.  This food was popular in the middle ages in and around Gloucester.  So I thought I would find out what the present day Gloucester citizen liked to eat and what better place than the annual Gloucester Quays Food Festival.

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Jul 192013

Some months ago I tweeted that I was carrying out some research on medieval fishing techniques.  Someone from the Gloucester Waterways Museum was kind enough to tweet back to say they could help so yesterday I set off, writing pad and camera phone in hand to get down to some much needed research.  It turned out that the Waterways Museum doesn’t hold any information on Elver Fishing but the Gloucester Folk Museum does.  I was in the mood for a walk as the weather was glorious so I set off, this time, to the other side of Gloucester.

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