Aug 162017

I’m not much of a blogger as you can tell!  But sometimes things happen and you just need to get the news out there.  For years, I have been sitting in my kitchen, typing away, creating books, dreaming of a book deal!  Well, that moment just got a whole lot closer.  In June, I signed a contract with New York literary agent, Richard Curtis.  Richard has been in the business for a very long time and he knows his stuff so when he told me he wanted to represent me and sell my trilogy to a publisher I signed on the dotted line!!  Richard is fantastic to work with and one day I hope to travel to New York to meet him, over a literary lunch -another one of my dreams!!

Now all I have to do is write that trilogy…

Aug 272014

I should have written this post months ago but since the website has been undergoing some technical upgrades I never got round to it so it’s quite a long post but hopefully informative for anyone who is about to submit their precious manuscript to agents.

I finished my manuscript in March of 2013 – or so I thought!  Cautionary note here:  It wasn’t as ready as it should have been or I thought it was!

Having decided it was ready to send out I sent it to the Andrew Lownie Agency.  They were growing their fiction list and it seemed a good time to submit.  I got a great response and was asked to send in the full MS.  It was ultimately rejected.

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