Sep 092015

This was a great writer’s weekend.  Good value for money.

I met a lot of fellow writers and got the chance to pitch my new book to agents and publishers.

I learnt a lot this weekend.

  1. I pitched the wrong book.  I made the classic mistake of pitching a book when it wasn’t ready! You’d think I’d learnt by now!
  2. I learnt a lot about self publishing and how to get more book sales.  Over the next few weeks I’m going to be implementing some of the things I’ve learnt and see if it improves sales.

I’ll let you know how I get on.

York Writer’s Festival.


Aug 272014

I should have written this post months ago but since the website has been undergoing some technical upgrades I never got round to it so it’s quite a long post but hopefully informative for anyone who is about to submit their precious manuscript to agents.

I finished my manuscript in March of 2013 – or so I thought!  Cautionary note here:  It wasn’t as ready as it should have been or I thought it was!

Having decided it was ready to send out I sent it to the Andrew Lownie Agency.  They were growing their fiction list and it seemed a good time to submit.  I got a great response and was asked to send in the full MS.  It was ultimately rejected.

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Nov 012013

Yes, it starts today and I’ve decided to give it a go.

If you sign up to Join this mammoth task you are sent regular pep talks.  this one came today and i felt it was so relevant and inspirational i am sharing it with you.

Pep Talk from James Patterson

James Patterson

James’s Website
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So Writer, you’re trying to write a novel in 30 days. Has anyone told you you’re crazy yet?

You’re not crazy. I promise. I know because I’ve written a novel in a couple of months. And yes, I’m a human being (just ask my editor, or my wife) and I do sleep. The book even got published. So anyone who tells you it’s impossible is wrong and you should probably stop taking their advice. Unless it’s your mom. Then just stop taking her advice about writing (you should still floss once a day).

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