Christine Jordan was born in the front room of a National Coal Board house into a Yorkshire mining community. Her dad was a coal filler and her mum a homemaker. She didn’t do well at school and left at fifteen, just short of her sixteenth birthday, finding jobs in catering or ending up unemployed. Eventually, she returned to education finally gaining a degree in Sociology and going on to obtain an MBA. She has worked as a stewardess on a passenger ferry, picked potatoes on an Essex farm, taught English in Greece and even ran a pub.

In 2005 Christine began to write her first children’s novel, Indigo and the Strange Animal Menagerie. This was followed by her debut historical novel, City of Secrets. Both novels were self-published in 2013 and 2014 respectively. Around this time Amberley Publishing approached her to write a number of non-fiction books on the history of Gloucester. Following the success of these, she was approached by Pen & Sword to write Gloucester’s Military Legacy. Several unpublished novels later she decided to change genre and wrote her first contemporary thriller, MisPer. this is now being published by Bloodhound Books under the pen name of CJ Claxton.

In 2022, she self-published The Enemy Within about the Kindertransport children who came to Gloucester at the beginning of WW2.

All of Christine’s novels are set in Gloucester where she lives. 

CJ Claxton’s debut thriller, MisPer, is to be published by Bloodhound Books on 20 July 2022. 

The first book of Christine Jordan’s Hebraica trilogy will be published by Bloodhound Books in February 2023.