Indigo and the Strange Animal Menagerie

A psychic girl uses her powers to save a Capuchin monkey from illegal pet traffickers and in doing so draws the attention of a callous drug baron in Brazil.

Indigo is different from other twelve year old girls and she knows it. Brought up by her single mum to believe in auras and psychic energies, she is happy to be different. When she stumbles across a strange pet shop in Gloucester, she discovers a dark secret that takes her as far as the sub-tropical rainforests of northern Brazil to the dangerous streets of Rio de Janeiro. These are dangerous times for Indigo and she will need to use all her powers if she is to succeed.

You have created a heroine who is both original and ‘different’, and your book’s theme of illegal pet-smuggling is an interesting and unusual one. I’m sure young readers will be fascinated by the world you reveal as it switches from the Amazon rain forests and the favelas of Rio to the sleepy British village where Indigo and her mother live.”
Cornerstones Literary