Written under the pen name CJ Claxton

Publication date July 20 2022 by Bloodhound Books
Available to pre-order from 25 June 2022.

A woman’s life spirals as she lives in fear of a faceless online enemy—who may have already committed at least one murder . . .

Ten years ago, Sophie Shaw vanished. Kat, a technician who works in a DNA testing lab, is still haunted by the unsolved disappearance, and when she notices a suspicious tweet about the case online, she calls in a tip. A few weeks later she learns that a man is being questioned, and drunkenly sends out a tweet of her own, boasting about her role in this breakthrough by the police.

But the man is released and Kat quickly finds herself back on Twitter, navigating through the abusive messages she’s received and initiating an angry exchange with the anonymous man she’s convinced has escaped justice. Unfortunately, though, she failed to hide her real identity—and soon she starts feeling paranoid about every man she encounters. As her drinking escalates and her life begins to fall apart, it’s unclear whether someone is really out to destroy her—or if she is destroying herself . . .