Secret Gloucester

Sheltered by the Cotswolds, the streets of Gloucester hide many secrets. Using vast knowledge Christine Jordan explores the rich heritage that can be seen embedded throughout the streets of this historic city. From visually obvious fragments of the past that still line Gloucester’s streets to those lesser-known facts there is something here to suit anyone’s tastes, such as the sale of wives in the eighteenth century, to hidden Roman ruins.

Varying from the momentous to the outlandish, this little book brings together past and present to offer a taste of Gloucester. Written by someone who knows what makes Gloucester tick, the author highlights that Gloucester is, indeed, no ordinary city. From locals looking for a nostalgic look back into their district to touring visitors, this book provides an excellent alternative view into the clandestine aspects of Gloucester city, and perhaps even those who think they know everything about their hometown will discover something new and fascinating.

“If you’ve read Christine Jordan’s darkly riveting book set in medieval Gloucester, City of Secrets, you’ll already be aware that this writer knows a thing or two about the city. Her latest release moves away from fiction to the real-life hidden gems of Gloucester, from hidden Roman ruins to its industrial history and tales of some of its lesser known characters. Well illustrated with full colour photography, this is a must-read for anyone who really wants to get under the skin of this fascinating city.”
Cotswold Life